Owned and operated by the Smith family since 2017, Precious Gifts Home Enrichment is a step towards our life long commitment to serving the children and families of South Euclid, Ohio. Inspired by community need and driven by purpose, passion, and intentionality, PGHE is a licensed home enrichment childcare program for children 6 weeks to 4 years of age. With a mission to enrich the lives of children and their families via exposure, intentionality and the 7 fundamental principles of life, we are committed to not only providing quality early childhood education, but to strengthening families as a whole.

     We are parents, educators, and advocates for children, who understand the day to day needs and challenges that many parents face. With 4 children of our own, we know how imperative it is to not only have safe, affordable, and dependable childcare, but quality as well. That's why PGHE provides a one of a kind educational environment where children can discover how to thrive as the unique individuals they were created to be, while in a loving and safe home environment. By exposing them to diverse learning opportunities, empowering them to discover and navigate through their self-awareness and cultivating a love of learning, we strive to set the foundation for not only kindergarten readiness, but life long success as well.


      Understanding that you as a parent are your child's first example of what love, life and being look like, we’re also committed to helping parents push through all the challenges that parenting and life can bring while achieving their personal goals (whether their child is enrolled with us or not). 

     So no matter what your childcare (or personal) needs are, our program is sure to be a great fit for you and your family. Feel free to contact us when you're ready to give your child and family the head start to life that they deserve.

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their gifts at different times.

The Vision

 To become a staple within our community, by being a resource to the children, families, community and local businesses that we have the privilege to serve and partner with.


The Commitment

To strengthen every child and parent that we have the privilege to serve, through inspiration, education and intentional personal growth.



The Legacy

To give the generations after us, the tools and knowledge every child needs to have a strong foundation and head start in life.


Meet The Smiths


   Hey there!! Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about the family behind the brand. My name is Loresha Smith, and I'm the lead educator here at Precious Gifts Home Enrichment. We are family-owned and operated and have proudly served the South Euclid community since 2017.

     As millennial parents to 4 children (9, 10, 12 & 17), my husband Alex (affectionately referred to as "Pop Pop") and I, started this journey of service after years of being unable to find various resources for when our own children were younger. Parenting a child with autism and navigating  through all the challenges that life has thrown our way, has taught us that a child can only be as successful as their environment and that begins with a solid foundation,

positive first example and intentional personal growth as parents. Understanding the value and importance of holistic early childhood education, the benefits of individualized attention and the effects of small group settings in a child's early years, we decided it was time to give parents the option of more than just a daycare. So I took my 10+ years of childcare and nursing experience, my husband's expertise as an administrative team member to a local school district and a passion for the holistic well-being of children and their families, quit my corporate job and opened the first step to a much larger vision, PGHE.

     We are here to assist parents in setting the foundation for lifetime success in their children, while equipping, educating and sharing the tools, guidance, and wisdom on how they can be their child's first example. It's an amazing blessing and opportunity that we don't take lightly and a privilege that we hold very high standards to. This is only the beginning!

     So sure, there are plenty of other programs that you could choose from, but why not go with the only option that truly prepares your child for kindergarten and life? A place where your child can be loved and cared for just like they were at home? A place where your personal growth and development is just as important as your child's? AND helps you navigate through all things childcare, parenting and life? Inquire today and learn how your family can become an extension of ours.

 ~The Smiths

Since excellence is what we stand for, quality childcare is what we do.

~Mrs. Smith

Precious Gifts Home Enrichment
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Stay Connected
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Email: yourpghe@gmail.com

Phone: 440-490-PGHE (7443)*

*Due to PGHE's very high standards of quality care, phone usage is limited to parents of enrolled children only, when children are present. The best way to reach us is by email. We pride ourselves on the high-quality childcare that we provide and never want to compromise that. Thank you for your understanding.

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